The Colorado Springs Dance Studios

There are not too many little girls who have not day dreamed about being a ballerina, on tiptoes
doing pirouettes, then bowing to thunderous applause. Or tap dancing across the stage to a
choreographed routine, obviously having a great deal of fun in the process. Sometimes the
dream is a lithe young man whose grace lends itself to more modern dance and its demanding
gymnastic qualities. Even sports participants take dance lessons to improve agility, balance, and
to prevent injury. Everywhere you look, just dance.
Dancing has been part of human expression since time began. It is an outlet, an art form, an
exercise, and a discipline that continues to grow and evolve. Dance is also challenging, requires
practice, and learning discipline. It is a building experience in the character of the dancer who
learns to challenge themselves and reach for new heights and set better goals. Dance is a
positive force in any dancer’s life, and can become the basis for a lifetime of healthy habits and
When your ballerina or hip hopper decides they would really like to learn the correct way to
dance, you need to look for quality
dance studios Colorado Springs offers. Studios often
specialize in particular forms of dance, ranging from ballet to tap to modern and other newer
forms, so research is a great starting point. Location and times of classes are also important
considerations for scheduling around already busy lives and other activities.
Some studios also offer adult dance classes Colorado Springs enjoys. These might include ballet,
swing, ballroom, waltz, Latin, line, square, and other more socializing dance forms. Dance is an
excellent exercise that utilizes many parts of the body, improves cardiovascular function and
muscle tone, and increases social participation.
Dancing classes Colorado Springs offers are a great way to meet new people and make friends.
This is especially true with adults and seniors who choose to move to our beautiful area. Dance
studios often host socials, or outings to locations for social events, open dance times, or friendly
One of the great things about dance is there is limited special equipment or clothing required.
There is a form of dance that nearly everyone can participate in, and some dance studios in
Colorado Springs even offer chair dancing or movement for seniors and those with physical
limitations, to increase mobility and ease of motion. Working on balance is another dance

improvable challenge, as balance is a concern for everyone with age and health concerns.
Improving personal safety while enjoying a social art form is a wonderful combination.
Many dance studios offer packages or monthly rates for lessons. It is worth calling around and
then visiting the studio to see if the facility is comfortable for you and meets your needs. Talk to
instructors and ask if you can sit in or watch a class in session of the kind of dance you are
interested in. It is important to match the student’s personality and learning style with the
instructor’s to achieve the best benefit from the classes. This is extremely important with
children signing up for dance classes, as a mismatch of style or instructor that comes off as harsh
or unsupportive can lead to a life long dislike for dance, and maybe even exercise, later in life.
Do a bit of homework and look into dance studio and class options in Colorado Springs. Dance is
fun, healthy, and socializing. Enjoy yourself and dance up a storm.